Back at the Lake

annie-klumanannie1lake-houseI’m home in Portugal, …its warm a little windy and has a touch of spring in the air, leaving drizzly, cold London town… i always miss the craziness of it all! but soon tune in to the peacefulness of this little paradise.

The first thing to do is don walking shoes and wander  down to the Nature Reserve Ria Formosa where there is an abundance of wildlife, a vast maze of lagoons, salt marshes and islands, There are wonderful Pink Flamingoes …handsome crested hoopoes…kingfishers and richly plumaged blue magpies…a delight to the eye.
Sunset at 6pm, time to light the fire and snuggle down.

I will be getting on with furnishing the two guest houses in the following few weeks, and visiting my favourite stores to help me with inspiration,

keep an eye on my blog to follow the progress…peaceful weekend xx

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